Reflections by Fr. David January 2020

Vulnerability & Perfection: Nativity and Epiphany


   St John the Prodromos is beginning its transition into the new year and we are in a waiting state because of the on-going life we each live within our family and within the life of our community.

   Often we are in wonder because of the many gifts we have been given and that offer us surprises we haven't anticipated, yet here they come!! Our aspiration and our longing for Christ is placed on our long list of vocational and personal things that must be done and placed in their proper place. Often our surprises come at a time when our being ready has not taken place. Being Nimble and "going with the flow" have to be set in place. Getting our endeavors in their proper position becomes a struggle and for some of us we have a squabble going on with God and his salvation story.

   Take a few minutes in a purposeful way each day can help us, if we but set that time aside. For everyone this becomes the challenge particularly. For mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, this call for attention during this Nativity and Epiphany needs to be set in place.

   As Orthodox Christians the opportunity to accept peace as given by the Prince of Peace seams to come to us loaded with obligations and expected outcomes.  The joy of this season needs to be accepted in new and different ways, for each of us as members of families and members of our Christian family as well.

   Humble acceptance a slight smile on our faces, and a welling up of feeling can be cultivated actively, if we only will do Christ is Born! Glorify Him! Christ Reveals Himself! Accept Him!!

   Let us begin this instance to ask him to be the center of our lives so that we become more like him and continue to live (imperfectly) into his likeness as we are able through the practice of our belief in him as a vulnerable child and as his revealed person in baptism.

           Prayerful blessings to us all- The Kingdom is at hand!!

                                 F D

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