Reflections by Fr. David March 2020

     -                   An Invitation to Lent and Holiness......2020


  May we all answer Christ’s invitation to ...Follow Me.

    As we are the adopted sons and daughters and Orthodox Christians our mission is to become worthy of the gifts that His Pascha (passion) offers each one of us!

   We must come close to Him and the example as the Church has given to us in this Holy Season. Beginning with Clean Monday March 2nd the practice of our Faith is upon each and all of us. We begin our serious rearrangement of our lives and our daily actions to conform as fully as we can the precepts and personal acts of love and kindness as Christi is demonstrating by His tears for His friend Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha.

    We follow Him in his triumph as He enters Jerusalem. 

     As a Bridegroom seeking us as His bride we become engaged in the search He makes for us.

    The Presanctified Liturgies and the prayers uttered in the 'great incensing' are offered each morning of the first days of Holy Week.

      These Liturgies strengthen our deeper sense of closeness as He is betrayed and mocked by the world around Him; just as our Christianity is ignored in our present age-2020. May we be blessed to demonstrate our loyalty and love as we pay a deeper attention to the events of His travail and painful obedience fulfilled SO WE may be saved from our vanity and rebellious behavior?

   As the darkness descends and the flame wavers in our offering candles and opportunity is there for us. Our habits in activities that capture us; can now (if we choose) be altered in this set of standards Yes, No, Maybe ?

Let us at the very least say "MAYBE" ,then reconsider what needs be fulfilled for us to say "YES". Yes to the eternal life won for us by the Son of God the Father and Birthed by the Theotokos Mary!! 

   Let us, in triumph over ourselves, say to sin with our newfound wholeness.....

The hymn of our new day in our life ..". Christ Is Risen From the dead.....'" Through His Death, He has Trampled  down Death  and Granted to Us Eternal Life!...Eternal.... LIFE


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