Reflections by Fr. David June 2019

"All In......No Silence"

" Let this be a time of Hope and positive expectations
...for us all+
Archbishop Elidorphoros

During the previous month of May much has been required of us all at St John Prodromos Orthodox Church.
Our spiritual efforts as members of His Body has fortified us during Holy Week so the Joy of our celebrating can manifest itself in pious and actions of true pure purpose.

In particular, grace has been given to us with new and returning voices reading the Gospel during the Agape' Vespers. Families of "seekers" continue with their presence at the Divine Liturgies. Our gifts of giving stewards to God was robust. The catacumen Christopher (Christopher’s) joined us through the mystery of Chrismation, sponsored by Carl. Visitors and friends joined us for the Feast. Others expressed their interest in our Orthodox Word, worship and have "seen" and "heard” much as we expressed our gift of hospitality. We expressed our Hope for the future by declaring ,,We are "All In” at our workshop gathering.

Being tested has also occurred, As Orthodox persons and as members of the Orthodox world view we are challenged by temptations of all sorts locally, nationally, and internationally for we are the Body of Christ. For the kingdom of God and our salvation is founded upon our sincere repentance and being more alive in Christ's hope for His people sustained as we can be by His Pascha. Christ-God passing through human trials and fulfilling the dispensation of his Father offers us new life without fear, Without reluctance. Without contentious quibbling.
If we Believe!

For the attitude of being wise is gained through our faith, our hope, His and our Love. Mastering these gifts gives purpose to us by accepting the gift of an optimistic character given freely by God and enthusiastically embraced by His people.
We become his "holy nation.” We can be victorious! We can accomplish much in our lives and the lives of those close to us. When we say" I believe" those near to us and those more distant or distrustful of our claim can be and are overcome. Day by day, week by week, month by month, we open our hearts .our minds, our soulfully belief in meeting the demands placed upon us as practicing Orthodox Christians. For that practices made real and actual the way of life  
Under the outstretched hand of our Shepherd Archbishop Elpidorphoros and the embrace of our Metropolitan Isaiah our parish can, does, and will maintain its vitality and its mission to bring the Light of Christ to our world in the Panhandle of Texas.
Further, it can be accomplished by our prayerful response to the change which has already come to us....through our remembrance of our legacy granted us by those who proceeded us. Through our disciplined giving our selves to the  "the Liturgy" of our worship. Through our claiming being sent forth seeking humility and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (the Paraclte-Comforter).As we bend to our knees at Pentecost. And also our being prayerfully present with those delegated 'To speak" and "to hear" at the upcoming Clergy-Laity Assembly in Tulsa later this month.
The path of our personal and collective progress is in our loving one another so we may confess that maturity is gained through experiencing together the warmth of human caring, faith, and apology for our errors, and humble submission to God's will for us the Forerunners in Amarillo, Texas.

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