February 2024 Newsletter

Newsletter for February 2024 
Thank you!
Thank you to Natasha for making Prosphora in January. Thank you to Carl for making Prosphora in February.
Thank you to Svetlana and Rex for garden and weed care.
Thank you to Rusty, John, Stephanie, Arlo, and Patrick for chanting.
Thank you to Dan, Kam, Wiley and Arlo for serving in the altar.
Thank you to Dan and Stephanie S for cleaning the church.
Thank you to Sarah, Scarlett, Natasha, Diana, Stephanie J, Julie, Evie, Shannon, Rex, and the anonymous cake-bringer for the coffee hour treats!
We have a batch of lovely Russian and Greek prayer ropes from the Holy Monastery of St. Paisius. Prices range from $32-$60 and all proceeds benefit the church. 
Please ask John or Natasha for assistance to see what is in stock.
Julie Harrison February 1st
Ruth Michael - February 4th
Izen Melvin-Hughes - February 4th
Zufan Gebremaniam - February 12th
Kyrian Wallace - February 20th
Allison Butler - February 25th
Sophie White - February 26th
May God grant all of you many years! 
*If you would like your birthday added, please reply to this message and I will add you to our list!
Services for this month:
Friday, February 2nd
6:00pm - Great Vespers w/ Fr Peter
Saturday, February 3rd
9:00am - Orthros w/ Fr Peter
10:00am - Divine Liturgy w/ Fr Peter
Sunday, February 4th
9:00am - Reader's Orthros
10:00am - Typika Service & Bible Study
Saturday, February 10th
6:00pm - Great Vespers w/ Fr Basil
Sunday,  February 11th
9:00am - Orthros w/ Fr Basil
10:00am - Divine Liturgy w/ Fr Basil
Saturday, February 17th
6:00pm - Great Vespers w/ Fr Peter
Sunday, February 18th
9:00am - Orthros w/ Fr Peter
10:00am - Divine Liturgy w/ Fr Peter
Sunday, February 25th
9:00am - Reader's Orthros
10:00am - Typika Service & Bible Study
12:00pm - Parish Council Meeting
For a complete and updated schedule, please see our church calendar: https://www.stjohnprodromos.org/news/calendar 
Reader Services
Our Reader services are done when we do not have a priest. It begins with Orthros at 9am, followed by Typika generally around 10am. Afterwards we have Bible Study and discussion in the community hall. This is a great time for any questions that anyone may have. We invite everyone to attend!
Prayer for Catechumens
O Lord our God, who dwells in the heavens, and looks down upon all thy works, look down upon thy servants, the catechumens, who have bowed their necks before thee, and grant them a light yoke. Make them honorable members of thy holy Church and vouchsafe unto them the laver of regeneration, the forgiveness of sins and the robe of incorruption, unto the knowledge of thee, our true God.
Orthodox Prayer for the Priesthood
O Lord Jesus Christ, enkindle the hearts of all Thy priests with the fire of zealous love for Thee, remembering especially Fr Peter and Fr Basil, that they may labor unceasingly in Thine earthly vineyard for the salvation of our souls and the glory of Thine All-Honorable and Majestic Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.
How to find us:
Our website – stjohnprodromos.org
Facebook – Saint John Greek Orthodox Church Amarillo - fb.me/OrthodoxAmarillo
Gab - https://gab.com/OrthodoxAmarillo
Discord - for an invite to our Parish server, please contact Kameron or Rusty.
Tithe to our Parish - https://tithe.ly/give_new/www/#/tithely/give-one-time/4866268
Our physical address and phone number:
1101 S. Bell Street
Amarillo TX 79106
If you have any questions or would like to add any content to the monthly newsletter, please feel free to contact us at stjohnprodromos@gmail.com or send a Facebook message to our church page. Natasha or Rusty will get back to you ASAP.

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