January 2022 Newsletter

Thank You


Thanks to Rusty Hanson, Patrick Mickey& John Stell for their service on Chanting, Typika & Bible study.


We like to thank Steve Watson Jim Boston & Jonathan Michael for serving in the Altar in December.


Thanks to Svetlana & the Petrey Family for taking care of the flowers, plants, Lawn & weed control at the Church.

Thanks to Rex Petrey for installing new lights in the hall.


Thanks to Manny & Eve for checking the church & collecting the Mail


Birthdays for month of January 2022

Abraham Michael January 5th.

Lara Beck January 11th.

Carmen Salamy January 15th.

Rusty Hanson January 18th.


Services for Month of January


January 2nd. 11:00 am. Typika & Bible Study


January 8th. 6:00pm. Vesper


January 9th. 9:00am. Orthros

10:00am. Divine Liturgy

After Liturgy, we are planning to have a dinner to celebrate Saint John’s Day. We are planning to have Barbeque beef & Pinto beans furnished by Fred Salamy, Evie Boston is bringing Lasagna. We are asking everyone else to bring side dishes to go along with these two main dishes. Suggestion are: potato salad, Cole slaw, regular salad, green beans, don’t forget deserts. Let Evie know what you are bringing no later than Wednesday January 5th. or if you have other dishes in mind.

Evie Boston's number is ( 972-655-8899)


January 12th.

Parrish Council will have Fr Theodore Dorrance (Director of the Metropolis of Denver’s Office of Parish Health and Church Growth) for our meeting on this evening at 6:30 pm. Anyone else wishing to attend is welcome.


January 16th. 11:00 am. Typika & Bible Study


January 22 & 23rd. Will post when I get details


January 30th. 11:00 am. Typika & Bible Study


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