October 2020 Newsletter

Thank You


Thanks to Lora & Ron Beck who has been taking care of the grass & plants around the Church through out the weeks.


Thanks to Eve & Manny for bringing in the mail & checking the church through out the weeks that we have been closed



     Everyone who has a key to the Church

Tuesday of this week 9-22-2020 the Church was checked, everything was off, doors locked. Today, Thursday 9-24-2020 Door to hall was unlocked, lights were on & air conditioner in church was on. So please double check yourself when you go to the church, turn lights out & make sure doors are locked. If anyone has a problem locking the doors, please call me  Carl at  ( 680-8570 )I can tell you what to do , or will come and lock it myself.


Parish Council meeting 10:00 am October 11th.


Schedule for October

October 3rd. Vespers 6:00 pm.

October 4th. Orthros 9:00 am.  Divine Liturgy 10:00am.

October 11th.  Typika & Bible Study  11:00am.

October 17th.  Vespers 6:00 pm

October 18th. Orthros 9:00 am.  Divine Liturgy 10:00am.

General Assemble meeting part 1 after Divine Liturgy.

October 25th. Typika & Bible Study  11:00am.


Birthdays for month of October

We will celebrate these on the 18th.


Arlo Hanson October 1st.

Rezene Michael October 1st.

Josh Butler October 5th.

Yonadan Michael October 12th.

Santa Clause October 23rd.


General Assemble Meeting Part 1:

Need: Candidates for Parish Council election

Need three people for Audit Committee

Need three people for Election committee


General Assemble Meeting Part 2 at a later date in November

Election of parish council

Financial report for 2020

Budget for 2021



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