November 2020 Newsletter

Thank You


Thanks to Lora & Ron Beck who has been taking care of the grass & plants around the Church.


Thanks to Eve & Manny for bringing in the mail & checking the church through out the weeks.

Thanks to James Simpson & Rusty Hanson for the Ministry of the Bible Study, Typika service & the Chanting at Divine Liturgy,

Orthros & Vespers services. We all appreciate what you both do.  Thanks



Schedule for November

October 31st : Vespers 6:00 pm.

November 1st: Orthros 9:00 am.  Divine Liturgy 10:00 am.


*November 8th. There will be no services on this day.*


November 14th.  Vespers 6:00 pm

November 15th. Orthros 9:00 am.  Divine Liturgy 10:00am.

General Assemble meeting: part 2 after Divine Liturgy. Election of parish council candidates

November 22nd. Typika & Bible Study 11:00am.

November 28 Vesper 6:00pm.

November 29th. Orthros 9:00 am.  Divine Liturgy 10:00 am.



Birthdays for month of November


 Eisley Hanson November 17th.

Joseph Smith November 23rd.

Thomas Wood November 23rd.

Rermus Greer November 24th.

Larry Patton November 24th.

Lina Hajje November 26th.


General Assemble Meeting Part 2 November 15th. After Divine Liturgy

Election of parish council

Financial report for 2020

Budget for 2021


Come & See Orthodox Christianity