March 2020 Newsletter

Thank You

Thanks to Allison Butler for baking Prosofer month of February.

Thanks to Aster for baking Prosofer month of March.

Thanks to Lora & Ron Beck who has started the clean up around the bushes & plants around the church.

Thanks to Eve & Manny to bringing in the mail & checking the church throughout the weeks.


We will celebrate Birthdays for March on the 22nd.

Gus Hajje   3-4    Natasa Dobras   3-24

Julia Bartian   3-11

Rex Petrey    3-9          Carl Williams     3-21

Hermiela Michael    3-12    Faye Palacio 3 -24

Manny Melotakis 3-13     Ilinca Greer  3-24

Lora Vila    3-17        Henry Simpson   3-25

Robel Michael  3-27   Tessema Tessema 3-27


Schedule for March

March 1st.       Typika & Bible Study 11:00 am

March 6th.   Vespers 6:00pm 

March 7th. Third Saturday of Souls Orthros 9am Divine Liturgy 10am   Vespers 6:00 pm      

March 8th. Orthros 9 am Divine Liturgy 10:00am

March 15th.    Typika & Bible Study 11:00 am

March 21st. Vespers 6:00pm

March 22nd. Orthros 9am Divine Liturgy 10:00am

March 29th.  Typika & Bible Study 11:00am

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