January 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Year

Thank You

Sometimes in doing the newsletter I try to think of everyone that has given their time & talent for the Church we need to thank, sometimes we all take for granted that everyone knows. The ones we miss & fail to thank, are the ones that do things around the church on a weekly, sometimes daily routine,  like checking the church during the week, cleaning bath rooms, kitchen, office, shelves, filing cabinets, checking the mail, patching of asphalt when needed, Plumbing, electrical, taken care & watering of the plants & flowers. I’m sure I have left out something that maybe you do for the church. To all of you; Thank you & we all do appreciate what you do.

Thanks again to Carl for baking Prosofer month of December.

Thanks to Julie Harrison for baking Prosofer month of January

Thanks to Ron Beck for keeping our grass mowed & the trimming of bushes.

Thanks to Manny for killing the weeds in the parking lot & behind the church.

Thanks to all that donated their time for decorating of the Church. Yonadan, Abraham & Hermela for decorating the tree in the Hall



We have six birthdays to celebrate for January We will celebrate all six on the 19th of January

Abraham Michael      January 5th       

Lara Beck                 January   11th 

Ken Roohr               January   13th

Carmen Salamy     January   15th

Rusty Hanson           January  18th

Toni Roohr              January   20th

May God grant all of you many years

Congratulation to Rusty Hanson who was Chrismated to Orthodox on Saturday Dec.14th

Natasha, Arlo & Eisley Hanson were baptized at the same time.

May God grant you many years.

Anyone that has not filled out a family card or Stewardship Card see Carl. I need those.

Schedule for January

Jan. 4 Saturday Vespers 6 pm.

Jan.5 Sunday Orthros 9 am. Divine Liturgy 10 am.

Jan.12 Typika & Bible Study 11 am.

Jan.18 Vespers at 6 pm.

Jan.19 Sunday Orthros 9 am Divine Liturgy 10 am.

There will be a Parrish council meeting after Divine Liturgy

Jan.26 Typika & Bible study 11 am

Come & See Orthodox Christianity