April 2020 Newsletter

Thank You


Thanks to Aster Michael for baking Prosphofer month of March.

Thanks to Lora & Ron Beck who has started taking care of the  grass & plants around the Church.

Thanks to Eve & Manny to bringing in the mail & checking the church throughout the weeks.


All of April Schedule services have been canceled

If for some reason things change a special e-mail will be sent out


 Fr Brendan


I have just completed the clergy call. Here is where we stand:  

  • In Texas, we do not have a state-wide travel restriction; it is county by county. But my county (Bexar) is entirely shut down; we are not supposed to travel. I could still drive to Amarillo, but there is the danger of bringing the virus without meaning to, since San Antonio has a great deal of it here.
  • In terms of the services the Metropolis does not expect to change the guidelines that are already in place. Those guidelines are that we may have services with only the priest, a chanter, and one other person (usually an altar-server or someone who is managing a taping of broadcast of the service). Although this is a very difficult guideline for Holy Week, the point is that the infections are moving right now from the larger cities, to places like Amarillo (which has the virus already, but not yet in large numbers). Therefore, the prediction is that the situation where you are will be worse by Pascha, not better.



We will not celebrate Birthdays for April

So to all of you Happy Birthday


Ronia Maliha April 3rd.

Dr. George Maliha April 17

Christelle Hajje April 5th.

Gerald Palacio April 5th.

Aster Michael April 10th.

Anna Petrey April 10th.

Terik Tessema April 13

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