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Saint John's Eastern Orthodox Church

1101 Bell Street, Amarillo, Texas, 79106                            (806) 355-0683

Schedule for July/August:

       Saturday, July 9th:
                     Vespers – 6:00 PM

  Sunday, July 10th:
                     Orthros – 9:00 AM,
               Divine Liturgy – 10:00 AM

  Saturday, July 23rd:
                     Vespers – 6:00 PM

  Sunday, July 24th:
                     Orthros – 9:00 AM,
               Divine Liturgy – 10:00 AM

  Friday, August 5th:
                     Vespers – 6:00 PM
               "Vespers of Transfiguration"

  Saturday, August 6th:
                     Orthros – 9:00 AM,
               Divine Liturgy – 10:00 AM
                Vespers - 6:00 PM

  Sunday, August 7th:
                     Orthros – 9:00 AM,
               Divine Liturgy – 10:00 AM

 Saturday, August 27th:
                     Vespers – 6:00 PM

  Sunday, August 28th:
                     Orthros – 9:00 AM,
               Divine Liturgy – 10:00 AM

On the weekends when Fr. David is not here,
Bible Study is held on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am. Eritrean/Ethiopian Bible Study is at 4:00 pm every Saturday.

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Message from Father David

“A Lament from the Devil Himself”

Holy Saturday Morning Liturgy


“My power has been swallowed up; for the Shepherd, crucified, has raised Adam and those who I possessed I lost.”

“Those whom I have swallowed by my might, I have lost completely…”

“For the Crucified has emptied the graves and the power of death has vanished.” 

I am writing this just two days before the travail of Christ – the Pascha….His passage began with the triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, to confront out of His goodness and compassion, the forces of human and natural ignorance manifested by the rebellious, fallen people.  Those who had become hateful because of the Law, and it’s insidious complexity.  

We who have in our mere and poor way experienced the passage of Christ, re-enacted, if you will, in the raising of Lazarus and his own “rising from the dead” now know once again the immense agony of loving one another and “one’s enemies”. 

We, as  the disciples, unknowing , yet knowing, as we are of His resurrection, confused by the unalterable fact of His rising from death itself; a death confirmed by the piercing of His side and “blood and water” spurted forth.  He need not have His legs broken to add “pain to pain” and finally death itself.

He is manifest God.  His authority over all Creation was stated in His own voice.  We witnessing His agony in Gethsemane, sweating “great drops of blood”, His exquisite agony on the Cross is the obedience of Son to the end.  “It is finished!”

We know at this present time His resurrection, we know of His visitation to the myrrbearers, the two of the road to Emmaus, the breakfast on the shore of Galilee, the probing of His piercings by Thomas….yet now in 2016, we wait.  We wait!!

 We wait for His Ascension “into the heavens” witness as we are in this modern era, and with all  “delicacies of this age” obscuring our vision and our thought.  We wait for His promised comforter – the Paraclete.  We wait for that gift to us as a promise.

 Yet, are you and I ready for “the fire of heaven” to descend upon OUR heads”?  Are we not already somehow frozen and bored by the voicing of “Christ is Risen”, to one another and to those who we meet along the paths of this “rational age”?  This age of technological and scientific prominence?

 Is not our vision blurred by the lure of immediate, pleasurable consumption?  Do we not know full-well of the “empty calories” that we ingest by eye, ear, hand, mouth, and breath?

 We wait because we cannot hold Christ!  We wait for the descent “as ordered” by Him to gather and stay together for that descent of the fire of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  We wait and then experience those seemingly unending “kneeling prayers”.  The fatigue of our body responding on our bent knee, fitful stance of “kneeling to powers NOT our own”.  We cramp.  We hold our breath.  We submit ourselves as He sends to us the final release from our earth bound and personal complaints and challenges.

 We receive, each of us, in our own way the “flame of Pentecost” a mere 50 days after the Resurrection.  Death has been given to us as life.  We are given the assurance of immortality – eternal life.  Our open-heartedness to that very personal, and deep-seeded revelation can ease our own doubt and our pain.  We are charged as Orthodox believers to manifest this “new joy”, this “new day”, this “new being and becoming” to the world.

 We are to stand strong in our humble accept – once of His authority and His obedience – to “share with all peoples”.  We are to love one another “so that we may confess….The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit, one in essence and undivided”. 

 We confess and profess to each other and to the world, a world pained by “earthquake, flood, fire, civil war, invasion by enemies” that GOD exists and has told us…”Love one another, as I have taught you and love you.”

 His blessing is given to us.  Let us hold it lightly, and share it openly!

 Agape.  Love without any strings attached! 

 Father David

If you have not turned in your 2016 stewardship pledge card yet, December is the time to do so.  We cannot determine a budget for the year without a proposed income for the year.  Pledges are the only “hard number” that we have to determine our ability to pay the church’s expenses throughout the year.  It is our generosity in giving that keeps not only St. John’s operating, but our membership in the Archdiocese and the Metropolis.
See Carl or Rex to get your card if you need one.

Eritrean/Ethiopian  Bible Study is held each Saturday afternoon at 4:00 and all are invited to come to this special time of worship.
Also, on the Sundays when Fr. David is not present we have Bible Study at 11:00 am, with the church opening earlier so that we may all enter and prepare ourselves through prayer and meditations.