May 2021 Newsletter

Thank You


Thank You To everyone for what you did during Holy Week to make it a success. It would be hard for me to list all the people that step forward to do what was needed. Give me five, you all deserve it.


Birthdays for month of May

Christelle Hajje               May 8th.

Evie Boston                     May 18th.

Natasha Hanson             May24th.

Degen Tessema               May 28th.

Roy Issa                            May 31st.


Services for Month of May


Sunday May 9th.       11:00 am.   Typika & Bible Study

Saturday  May 15th.  6:00 pm.    Vesper

Sunday May 16th.      9:00 am.    Orthros

                                    10:00 am.  Divine Liturgy

Sunday May 23rd.      11:00 am.  Typika & Bible Study

Sunday May 30th.      11:00 am.  Typika & Bible Study



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