June 2021 Newsletter

Thank You


Thanks to Rusty Hanson for his service on Chanting, Typika & Bible study. We have two additions to the Chanter stand we would like to thank also in Patrick Mickie & Christopher Barber. We also have three men interested in becoming Alter Servers: Jim Boston, Steve Watson & Christopher Barber. Thanks, your service will be greatly appreciated. We also thank Mike Yazbek for his service in the Alter.


Birthdays for month of June

John Stell                          June 3rd.

Kali Harrison                    June 9th.

Ron Beck                           June 14th.

Goran Dobras                   June 20th.




Services for Month of June


Saturday June 5th.   6:00 pm.   Vesper

Sunday June 6th.      9:00 am. Orthros

                                  10:00 am. Divine Liturgy


Sunday June 13th.    11:00 am. Typika & Bible Study


Saturday June 19th.  6:00 pm.   Vesper

Sunday June 20th.      9:00 am. Orthros

                                    10:00 am. Divine Liturgy


Sunday June 27th.     11:00 am. Typika & Bible Study


Parish Council Meeting

June 9th. 6:30 pm.


Come & See Orthodox Christianity