August 2021 Newsletter

Thank You


Thanks to Rusty Hanson & Patrick Mickey for their service on Chanting, Typika & Bible study.

We also like to thank Mike Yazbek, Steve Watson & Jim Boston for serving in the Alter for the month of July.

Thanks to Victoria Patton for taking care of the flowers & plants at the Church.

Thanks to the Petrey family for taking care of the lawn & weed control.


Birthdays for month of August 2021

Gabriel Maliha                   August 18th.

Natalija Dobras                  August 22nd.

Natalya Smith                     August 25th.

George Maliha                    August 28th.




Services for Month of August


  Saturday July 31st.    4:00 pm Baptism of Josh & Allison Butler's baby boy Ellis Arron Butler

 Saturday  July 31st.            6:00 pm.   Vesper

 Sunday August 1st.              9:00 am. Orthros

                                               10:00 am. Divine Liturgy


Sunday August 8th.          11:00 am. Typika & Bible Study


 Saturday August 14th.        6:00 pm.   Vesper

 Sunday    August 15th.        9:00 am. Orthros

                                               10:00 am. Divine Liturgy


Sunday     August 22nd.       11:00 am. Typika & Bible Study


Saturday  August 28th.         6:00 pm.   Vesper       

Sunday     August 29th.        9:00 am. Orthros

                                               10:00 am. Divine Liturgy


Parish Council Meeting

August 18  @ 6:30

Come & See Orthodox Christianity