April 2021 Newsletter

We are very blessed. The schedule for the rest of April (including Paschal services!) is as follows:
April 18th. Typika & Bible Study at 11am.
April 25th. Typika & Bible Study at 11am.
Fr. Tom will come in on Tuesday April 27th .
April 28th. Holy Wednesday
6pm - Sacred Unction Healing Service (Anointing with holy oil).
April 29th. Holy Thursday
9 & 10am - Vesperal Liturgy.
6 pm - The 12 Gospels of Christ Passion.
April 30th. Holy Friday
9am - The Imperial Hours.
Vigil of Placing flowers by the faithful on the Epitaphia.
2pm - The Apokathelosis
The Removal of the Body of Christ from the Cross.
6pm - Funeral service of Christ.
Lamentations Procession with the Epitaphios, weather permitting, around the church.
May 1st. Holy Saturday
9 & 10am - Vesperal Liturgy
11:30pm - Resurrection Matins
Immediately after distribution of flowers from the Epitaphios & the Red Eggs..."All are invited" to the Resurrection Breakfast in the Community Hall... "Christ Is Risen"
May 2nd. Resurrection Sunday
12pm Agape Service.
The Gospel read in many languages.
The Grand Traditional Lamb Banquet follows immediately in the community hall.
"All are invited"

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