November 2019 Newsletter

Thank You

Thanks again to Aster for baking Prosofer month of October.

Thanks to Eve for baking Prosofer month of November

Thanks to Ron Beck for keeping our grass mowed & the trimming of bushes.

Thanks to Manny for killing the weeds in the parking lot & behind the church.

Thanks to all that donated their time for the loukoumades breakfast & bake sale Ronia Maliha, Eve Melotakis, Lara Beck, Faye Palacio, Julie Harrison, Rezene Robel Yonatan Michael, Manny Melotakis, Fred Salamy, Paula Taylor, Carl, Abesha Yhun, Rex & Svetlana Petrey

Thanks to Rusty Hanson for listing our loukoumades breakfast & Bake sale on Face book. We had some comments, that was the way they found out about it.



We have five birthdays to celebrate for November; all five are after the 15th of the month. We will celebrate all five on the 17th of November after Liturgy.

Eisley Hanson November 17th.

Thomas Wood November 23rd.

Joseph Smith November 23rd.

Larry Patton November 24th.

Lina Hajje November 26th.

May God grant all of you many years

Congratulation to Julia Bartiam who was Chris mated to Orthodox on Saturday October 19th. May God grant you many years.

General Assemble meeting is Sunday after Liturgy Nov 3.

General assemble is scheduled for Nov 3rd. At this meeting we are required to furnish a budget for the coming year. If you were not at church on stewardship Sunday ( 9/08/19) or were there & haven’t turned in your stewardship card, do so as soon as possible, it is important in getting the budget together.

Anyone that has not filled out a family card, see Carl I need those too.


We also have three positions on the Parish Council that are up for election, if you are interested in running for one of those positions see Carl or a parish Council member. We will be electing those positions on Nov. 17th after Liturgy.

Schedule for November

Nov. 2 Saturday Vespers 6 pm.

Nov. 3 Sunday Orthros 9 am. Divine Liturgy 10 am. General Assemble meeting after Liturgy in Hall

Nov.10 Typika & Bible Study 11 am.

Nov.16 Vespers at 6 pm.

Nov.17 Sunday Orthros 9 am Divine Liturgy 10 am. Election of parish council position up for election after Liturgy, in Hall.

Nov.24 Typika & Bible study 11 am.

Nov.30 Vespers at 6 pm.

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